Proudly Serving the Following Industries

Call Centers

Factoring for call centers, i.e. companies that provide tech support to corporate clients including center services.


Invoice factoring for construction companies, including those that do progress billing or paid-when-paid invoicing.

Digital Media

Digital ad receivable factoring for publishers, app developers, ad networks and exchanges, SSPs and DSPs.


We offer invoice financing for distribution companies and lines of credit collateralized by customer invoices.


Streamlined A/R factoring for freelancers waiting to get paid from their customers.


We offer factoring of government receivables, small to large, for IT, logistics, communication, distribution, staffing, etc.


We offer Groupon invoice funding for service providers, restaurants, retail shops and e-commerce.


We offer healthcare receivables management for healthcare providers.


Import trade finance for small- to mid-size importers importing goods from all over.

Janitorial Services

Janitorial services invoice factoring for janitorial placement firms.


Factoring customer receivables for small to large manufacturing companies that have extended favorable payment terms.

Oil & Gas

Oilfield factoring for oil and gas companies, that focus on upstream, midstream and downstream operations across the U.S.

Service Providers

Our bidders will factoring for service providers for outsourced projects from corporate America.

Staffing Agencies

Invoice factoring for staffing companies for invoices issued to credit worthy customers.


Telecom invoice management for companies operating various business models within the telecom space.

Trucking & Freight

Freight bill factoring for trucking and transportation companies.

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